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Double-Dipping By Leveraging The Same Customer Demand To Power Two Sets of Supply Side Traction

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Speaker: Sam Tyagi Founder & CEO, KlearNow
Interviewer: Dan Hoffer Managing Director at Autotech Ventures

Dan Hoffer from Autotech Ventures interviews Sam Tyagi from KlearNow at the Marketplace Conference. The annual Marketplace Conference brings together marketplace founders, investors, and subject experts to discuss the present and the future of marketplaces and network effects.

What you’ll learn:

Here are a few of the highlights of what will be covered during this discussion:

  • Defining customs clearance
  • Defining drayage
  • Marketplace dynamics
  • KlearNow Platform features
  • Moving parts involved in the logistics process
  • Customer acquisition process
  • Simplified logistics
  • End to end tracking
  • Global shipping problems
  • Platform integrations
  • How to cut costs across the logistics ecosystem













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