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10 Second Summary

We expand to Spain, the UK could-should legalize electronic trade document transfer, our very own Angela Aaron explains what that means,
and India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year gets some KlearNow love.

KNOWable Bites

The bill legalizing digital trade documents in the UK is in Parliament. If passed, this is the first of many significant changes to come globally, and, it’ll come to the US soon enough.

Angela Aaron answers your questions
How does electronic record keeping simplify logistics?

Our Founder is Famous
Rick Tellez was in the hot seat of The Logistics of Logistics podcast. He drops it like it’s hot about how highly fragmented our global logistics
market is. This and all of our industry’s archaic paperwork processes are the main reasons why he started KlearNow. Listen to his entrepreneurial journey.

Did you KNOW

A massive rail strike could happen after midterm elections. This could cost the US $2 billion a day. The September 15 agreement was only
a Band-Aid.

Product Updates

Now in Spain

Importers can use KlearNow’s AI-powered platform to digitize and automate their import processes. They’ll be equipped with real-time tracking
of containers from origin to destination, extending shipment visibility and data connectivity all the way from end-to-end.

Major CBP Change

US Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) changed how an importer does business between their customs broker, freight forwarder, and…us. We
will be sending out directions soon on how to navigate.


For this year’s Diwali celebration, our India office partied hard with food, dancing, team building, and paint ball!







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