How it Works

Efficient. Accurate. Transparent.

  • 1. Create your account

    Simply sign up and activate your account to get started.

    Power of Attorney

    A power of attorney is required for us to act on your behalf by U.S. Customs.

  • 2. Email the shipping documents

    The Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading is all that’s needed to start clearing immediately.

    Need to store your documents or locate them later?

    Everything is at your fingertips; searchable, retrievable and available 24 hours a day from our secure cloud-based server.

  • 3. Request filed in minutes

    We’ll file your ISF, Cargo Release, and Entry Summary directly to U.S. Customs via our secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

    How are you able to do this so quickly?

    We are a CBP certified ABI Software Vendor with the ability to Remote Location File across all ports in the United States of America. We use AI and machine learning to quickly access all key information accurately and efficiently reducing time and errors.

  • 4. Stay in the know

    Our platform instantaneously updates you on any change in status. Once cleared, your CBP Forms are automatically attached with the rest of your documents on the platform.

    What else is on the KlearNow Platform?

    Connect with your broker, upload the documentation, review billing and track your shipments 24 hours a day.

  • 5. Automate your payments

    We facilitate the CBP ACH Debit program making payment headaches a thing of the past.

Start Clearing Customs Now

KlearNow is the first on-demand transparent customs clearance platform connecting Importers, Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to provide real-time visibility into the entire logistics process.