Customs clearance simplified.

One flat fee per transaction. No IT, no ERP, no TMS and no contracts. The fastest way to clear customs, track shipments and access your critical data in real-time.

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Customs Brokers

Customs clearance redesigned.

Freedom to file more entries without error prone data entry. New customers brought to you through our digital marketplace. Start growing your business today.

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Freight Forwarders

Customs clearance partner.

You will promote compliance, see reduction of errors, be able to use and offer the latest technology and on top, we give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace to compete against other Freight Forwarders in the country. Why create your own technology when you can offer ours to your customers at no cost?

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KlearNow is the first on-demand transparent customs clearance platform connecting Importers, Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to provide real-time visibility into the entire logistics process.