Today, carriers rely on accurate dock, navigation and customer communications in real-time. KlearNow contains all three
in one platform. For free.

  • Schedule
  • Transport
  • Track
  • Invoice

Let our AI work for you

  • Seamless Drayage Service
  • Single Data Source
  • Terminal-Level Visibility
  • Digital Track & Trace
  • >75% Demurrage Savings

One photo says it all

Simply download the app and snap the container ID: all time and navigation data are immediately uploaded to your device

Always in the know

Cloud based processing ensures you're always connected with the importer and automatically informed of any dock and location changes

Send and sign in seconds

Digital sign off means no more chasing down signatures or approvals and more time on the road

Download the App and start driving Klearly, Now.

For more information or to schedule a demo, email us at: