Drayage Marketplace Now Available from KlearNow


Customs Clearance Plus Drayage Technology Improves Supply Chains

June 1, 2022

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KlearNow, a smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) technology company, today announced the launch of KlearNow Drayage, a cloud-based marketplace that allows importers and drayage partners to negotiate and close drayage business on a single platform. The AI-powered, digitalized platform provides near real-time tracking of containers from origin to destination, extending shipment visibility and data connectivity.

As the global supply chain challenges continue, companies across industries are desperate to speed up and streamline the movement of goods to market. Smart, agnostic, LaaS technology is key to making that happen — and KlearNow is the only LaaS company to incorporate drayage fulfillment and visibility into its existing customs platform, giving exporters and importers unprecedented shipment transparency. KlearNow bridges the gap between customs clearance and drayage, giving full control of the final mile to supply chain stakeholders.

The movement of goods requires communication between shipping lines, ports, terminal operators, truckers, warehouses, and cargo owners. While these different entities have begun to digitalize their internal operations, information is not easily exchanged as cargo moves through the supply chain—driving up costs, creating confusion, delaying shipments, and jeopardizing customer relationships.

Before reaching the final port, international shipments must clear customs at every border, with documentation including invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, arrival notices, and more. Traditionally, document management and data entry have been tedious, manual processes by the customs brokerage team. KlearNow’s initial marketplace, KlearNow Customs, digitizes documents and extracts all relevant information using AI and machine learning, sending the customs broker accurate, verified data for customs clearance.

Once a shipment arrives at a port, drayage and trucking companies lack clear carrier and port visibility, making it challenging to coordinate pick-up timing, leaving drivers waiting, unpaid, and running up demurrage charges.

“We developed KlearNow Drayage to complement KlearNow Customers to enable importers to clear customs more efficiently and have access to fundamental drayage data such as carrier capacity and accurate pick-up times. Importers also know if the containers have any shipping line holds and can determine fee payment status,” said Sam Tyagi, CEO of KlearNow. “Our customs clearance and drayage marketplace simplifies processes, saves time and reduces costs for importers and drayage partners, while enhancing the end customer experience.”

Benefits of KlearNow Customs + Drayage include:

  • Active drayage marketplace – connecting importers and drayage providers
  • Consolidated visibility from origin port of lading to destination
  • Accurate and timely digital documentation for Electronic Customs Records compliance
  • Detailed information about pick-up windows to control costs and better planning of warehouse resources
  • Increased customer satisfaction with shipment availability information

“In partnering with KlearNow, we’ve been able to integrate our global brokerage and drayage under one platform to support the business integration and collaboration across multiple partners. Structuring all the fragmented data simplifies our inbound processes and effectively lower our logistics costs,” said Dave Cabello, vice president of procurement & global logistics of Trademark Global.

About KlearNow

KlearNow is transforming B2B supply chains with its smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform that connects data, people, processes, and organizations to enable new levels of visibility and productivity that reduce logistics costs and create better customer experiences. KlearNow’s customs clearance and drayage marketplaces on its AI-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling customs brokers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders. For more information visit www.klearnow.com.

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