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The fastest way to clear customs, track your shipments and access your critical data in real-time. Period.

Supply chain clarity and agility
with KlearNow AI-enabled Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform

Importer / Freight Forwarder
Customs Broker
Alliance Partner
Customs Authority
Drayage Partner

Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform with ZERO IT costs or integration fees

KlearNow’s customs clearance and drayage marketplaces enables customs brokers and transporters to deliver unprecedented real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

Save Money

Save 30-50% per customs clearance transaction. One flat fee every time

Save Time

Reduce time to clear by 80%: clear in minutes not hours

See Everything

Track all your shipments in
real-time from any smart device

Eliminate Mistakes

AI platform extracts the right information every time: no more costly data entry errors

Eliminate Fees

Real-time tracking alerts you to imminent demurrage and
per-diem charges - before they happen

Hassle-Free Documents

Centralized, searchable data storage from anywhere, anytime


The logistics industry has changed, digitization and collaboration between various parties have not.

By combining AI technology with a cloud-based platform you can now do more business, at a lower cost with full transparency from any smart device 24 hours a day.

  • One flat fee reduces costs by 30-50% - every transaction
  • No hidden pricing and zero IT integration
  • Includes ISF filing + Customs Clearance (cargo release and entry summary)
  • Full visibility of all your shipments in
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Customs Broker
Customs Broker
  • Clear in minutes not hours and increase the number of customers you clear
  • Cloud-based platform - work from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time tracking of all customer shipments
  • Zero set-up fees, transmission fees, fax machines or terminals required
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Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarder
  • Document digitization – AI enabled technology for speed, accuracy & compliance
  • Superior compliance and system of record provided to your end customers
  • Digital sharing throughout shipment journey including visibility, status updates and documents, reducing your inbound calling volume
  • Audit trail of communications between your customer and customs broker
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  • Driving directions and contact information from the click of a photo
  • Zero implementation cost
  • Direct communication with customers from anywhere, anytime
  • Digital sign off at the click of a button
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  • US, Canada, UK Customs Certified
  • Single Data Source – All Partners
  • Carrier-Agnostic End-To-End Visibility
  • 50-80% Savings in Time and Money
  • Seamless Drayage Service
  • Single Data Source
  • Terminal-Level Visibility
  • Digital Track & Trace
  • >75% Demurrage Savings

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Enable new levels of cargo visibility and productivity that reduces logistics costs and creates better customer experiences.